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2. April 2013

Compounding Medications for Pain Management

More and more patients today are turning back to compound pharmacies to create customized pain medications. There are several reasons for this reemergence of compound pharmacies, but the major reason why so many people are turning to these types of pharmacies to get their pain medications is because they are able to create medications that are easier for the patient to take.

What are Compound Pharmacies?

Compound pharmacies are pharmacies that prepare customized medications for patients. This was the original type of pharmacy, where a trained pharmacist tailored customized medications for specific patients based on their needs. Most of the pharmacies that are found on street corners in today’s world are not compounding pharmacies. The typical sterile pharmacy of today is mainly just a dispensary of pre-prepared medications. However, due to the fact that customized medications may be better for specific patients, especially those with specific medical conditions or allergies to certain medications, the compound pharmacy is making a comeback. Compounding pharmacy can be especially useful for creating patient specific compounded pain medications to help manage pain.

Why Choose a Compound Pharmacy?

Modern advancements in science and technology have allowed compound pharmacists to solve complex medical problems. Compound pharmacists work closely with the patient’s doctor to specifically tailor a medication for the patient’s individual needs and problems. The results can be more effective medications with fewer side effects. This is especially true of medications that are designed to help patient’s manage pain. For starters, a compound pharmacist may be able to produce a pain medication that is available in a different dosage than what can be found on the shelf. Pain medications can vary in their effectiveness according to their dosage, but higher dosages also tend to have more unwanted side effects. Some patient’s would benefit from a smaller dosage of Sterile Medication, but most ‚on the shelf‘ medications for pain come in only 1 or 2 dosages. A compound pharmacist however can specifically create a pain medication based on any dosage that a doctor recommends. This can help eliminate over-dosage and the side effects that may be associated with over-dosage.

More reasons to choose a Compound Pharmacy

Compounded pain medications typically come in either capsule or tablet form. Taking a pain medication in pill form can sometimes irritate the patient’s stomach. They can also be difficult for some patient’s to swallow. A compound pharmacist can create Effective pain management in other forms to make it easier for the patient to take them. This can include suppositories, liquid medications, topical creams, vaginal creams, oral gels, lozenges, mini and regular troches and injectable medications. In addition, many compound pharmacies can find chemical compounds for pain medications that cannot be found anywhere else. Major drug producing companies don’t spend money developing medications that are not in high demand, but if a patient requires one of these lesser known Pharmaceutical compounding medications a compound pharmacist can create it for them. They can even help make the process of taking pain management easier by altering their taste and they can create medications for patients with specific allergy considerations.

28. März 2013

Michael Keenan Rocks Merlot-Cabernet with March Release of awaited 2009 Mernet Reserve (93)

By Leslie Caplan, Napa Valley, Spring Mountain District, California, March 30, 2013 – Keenan Winery, declared by Bob Sprentall to be the „best master of terroir-driven Merlot and Cabernet this side of St. Emillion,“ has done it again. With the March, 2013 release of its 11th vintage of the proprietary „Mernet,“ vintner Nils Venge, has produced a voluptuous red announcing dark fruit and licorice to the divine pleasure of the taster. At 93 points from The Wine Advocate, the winning Napa valley wine emphasizes the high-toned, sweet delicious rich fruit with an almost hidden depth and structure to allow for indefinite aging.

Each vintage of Keenan’s proprietary „Mernet,“ is a unique blend of half Merlot and half Cabernet chosen with a care that highlights the strengths of the each season’s harvest. The 2009 is a seamless blend of 50% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon clone 15 and 10% Cabernet Franc. The 2009 Mernet Reserve is made in forward style that emphasizes fruit rather than aromatic complexity or subtlety, allowing it to be enjoyed now or in decades to come.

Anticipated maturity: 2012-2019. (See Robert Parker, Jr. The Wine Advocate, Issue #198, December 2011) http://www.keenanwinery.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=MN09T

About Nils Venge, Consulting Winemaker

Nils Venge was the first American winemaker to receive a score of „100“ from Robert Parker, Jr. of The Wine Advocate for one of his 1985 Cabernet Sauvignons.

He is reputed to be one of the best Cabernet Sauvignon makers in the Valley, producing big, opulent wines with tremendous cellaring potential. His Cabernets are the backbone to the magical 2009 Mernet Reserve

About Robert Keenan Winery

In 1974, Robert Keenan planted Cabernet and Chardonnay Napa valley wines 1,700 feet above Napa Valley. His bet that the rocky, limey, high mountain tops of the Spring Mountain would produce enviable terroirs paid off. Since then, Keenan Winery has been tantalizing wine drinkers with some of California’s top Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Napa valley. Robert Parker, Jr. has awarded 47 of Keenan’s last eight vintages between 90-97 points.

Robert’s son, Michael Keenan, now President of the winery, carries on his father’s passionate commitment to quality and attention to detail in every aspect of producing world-class wines. For example, Michael insists that only fine Portuguese cork be used in Keenan’s bottles.

A steward of the environment and the winery’s historic site, Michael installed solar panels to ensure that the great energy of the Napa sun nurtures his grapes as well as powers the winery’s operations. The Winery in Napa Valley invites visitors to enjoy the historic and scenic site and sample their varietals in the intimate outdoor eating and picnic area atop of Spring Mountain. For more information, please visit http://www.keenanwinery.com/

To learn more about the Robert Keenan 2009 Mernet and the Napa Valley Winery, please contact:

Michael Keenan,
Robert Keenan Wineries
Phone: 707-963-9177
Address: 3660 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena, CA 94574
Twitter: @KeenanWinery
Facebook: www.facebook.com/KeenanWinery

25. März 2013

What is the Difference Between Non-Sterile Compounding and Sterile Compounding?

Compounding drugs is the act of customizing medications for specific purposes. Most medications that are prescribed by doctors and handed out in pharmacies are pre-manufactured and available in set dosage amounts. Compound pharmacies on the other hand customize their medications to the specific needs of the patient, which may include creating medications of various dosage strengths and medications that are available in applications other than pill forms. Compounding medications can also be extremely helpful for patients with specific allergies to certain types of medications. There are two forms of medication compounding: non-sterile compounding and sterile compounding. This article will discuss the differences between the two techniques.

Non-Sterile Compounding Techniques

Despite the name, non-sterile compounding methods are safe. This technique has been used by Compounding pharmacy pharmacists for hundreds of years. It refers to the practice of preparing a specific medication for a patient to swallow in pill form, apply as a topical treatment to their skin or insert the medication under their skin. Although this practice is considered to be non-sterile, it is still performed in a closely monitored environment and under the applications of very strict rules and professional guidelines. The medications are customized according to legal standards that ensure that every pharmaceutical that is used in the medication maintains the proper ingredient potency and purity standards. In addition to creating customized medications that adhere to the industry’s and the law’s strict standards, non-sterile Compounding pharmacists are also responsible for making sure their mixtures are pure and accurate, that they provide proper labels and medication packages and that they maintain a clean working environment.

Sterile Compounding

The major distinction that separates non-sterile compounding techniques and sterile compounding techniques actually has to do with how the medicine will be administered, rather than how it is compounded. Sterile compounding techniques are used to create customized medications that will either be directly injected into the patient or will be inserted into their eye. These medications carry a high risk of infection or other medical problems, so they are compounded according to sterile rules and regulations. This is due to the fact any bacteria or fungi that are allowed to get into the medication could seriously endanger the patient’s life. Sterile compounding practices ensure that all injectable medications and any applications that will be made directly to the eye will be fully sterile and free from even tiny amounts of bacteria or fungi. Sterile compounding usually takes place in a completely clean environment, such as a cleanroom. The pharmacists who are responsible for compounding the Sterile Medication will also wear appropriate safety gear including clothing, face and hair coverings.

Which Technique is Better?

There is no single technique for Pharmaceutical compounding medications that is better than the other. Non-sterile compounding is still performed in a clean environment to avoid contamination. Sterile compounding is just more strict in its rules and applications because there is an increased risk of potentially negative side effects when medications are directly injected into the body or inserted into the eye of the patient. Both techniques produce Compounding drugs and medications that are safe to take.

Media Details:
Contact Name: Harbor Compounding
Email id: Pharmacist@harborcompounding.com
Company Info: HarborCompounding
Address:2000 Harbor Blvd, Suite C-100, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: 949.642.0106

23. März 2013

Premiere Napa Valley: Rare & Inspired Wines

If you’ve been in and around Napa Valley lately, you may have heard the buzz. Premiere Napa Valley, one of the most exclusive and important, annual wine auctions, will be taking place at the end of this month. The main thing to know about Premiere Napa Valley is that is a private–but important–event. Here’s why:

Every winter, Napa’s top winemakers are invited to auction off futures of innovative, totally unique Napa valley wines for the portfolio known as „Premiere Napa Valley.“ The bottled barrel samples are crafted in highly limited lots (5, 10 and no more than 20 cases). Premiere Napa Valley is one of the rarest wine brands in the world. These wines are pure American craft and showcase the region’s adventurous and refined sense of Napa Valley Winery. Each wine is 100% unique, and will only become available via the wine seller who has bid the highest. To top things off, the proceeds are the primary source of revenue for Napa Valley Vintners Association, the quintessential non-profit trade association responsible for promoting and protecting the Napa Valley appellation as the premier winegrowing region.

You’re probably asking yourself, a devoted Robert Keenan Winery fan, „How does this benefit me?“ Considering the fact that (at the end of February 2013), these Napa valley wines will be auctioned as futures exclusively to the wine trade (individual restaurateurs and wine retailers), we understand your quandary.

Happily, these blends occasionally inspire unique offerings for our customers in the following years! For example, in 2006, we created „Tribute,“ a rare Cabernet Sauvignon wine blend for Premiere Napa Valley. (Michael Keenan, our present day owner, made it in honor of his father, for whom the winery is named, Robert Keenan.) Similarly, „Side by Side,“ a Cabernet Franc and Merlot Napa valley blend, was created for Premiere Napa Valley in 2005. In the following years, with fans like you in mind, we have been known to re-create certain wines, in similar small and unique lots, and then made them available for you!

Media Contact:
Company: Robert Keenan Winery
Name: Michael Keenan
Website: http://www.keenanwinery.com
Address: 3660 Spring Mountain Road, St. Helena, CA 94574
Phone: 707-963-9177
Email: info@keenanwinery.com

18. März 2013

Compounded Cosmeceuticals Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Thousands of people each year turn to cosmeceuticals to help them look and feel younger. These are applications and medications that can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and a loss of collagen. Many of these cosmeceuticals are available over the counter in pharmacies and through online purchases, and many of them are effective. The popularity of cosmeceuticals has grown in recent years and more people are choosing to purchase compounded cosmeceuticals over pre-manufactured ones.

Just What Are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products and applications that claim to also have pharmaceutical tendencies. They are like a mixture of cosmetics and medications. The goal of cosmeceuticals is to help restore the appearance of youth and natural beauty and to reduce the signs of aging. They are supposed to help the user reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other age-related signs. They are also supposed to help repair the damage caused by lost collagen, a loss of elastin and thinning skin. They can even be used to help reverse the signs of hyper-pigmentation. The result is younger looking and healthier skin. Cosmeceuticals contain bioactive ingredients that are supposed to help the body naturally repair the damages of aging. Their goal is to alter the structure of the skin and improve the skin’s natural functions in order to produce the desired results. Examples of some of the classic ingredients that are found in many types of Cosmetic compounding include enzymes, vitamins, peptides, anti-oxidants, stem cells, ceramides, herbs, minerals and sometimes essential oils.

What is the Difference Between Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are designed to help repair the damage to the skin caused by the natural aging process. Cosmetics are generally used to cover up the appearance of these skin damages. Some compounding creams however will contain some bioactive ingredients that are also supposed to help the body heal aging damage. Cosmeceuticals usually contain a larger percentage of these bioactive ingredients than cosmetics and therefore, are more effective ways to heal age-related skin damage.

What Are Compounded Cosmeceuticals?

There are many different types of cosmeceuticals available on the market today. These products are pre-manufactured with set amounts of bioactive ingredients and other fillers. Many of these pre-packaged brands of cosmeceuticals work fine, but some people prefer a more customized approach. Cosmeceuticals are more effective when they are specifically designed for a specific person. Some people will benefit from more Vitamin E or more Sodium Hyaluronate than other people will. The dosage amounts of the bioactive ingredients may also differ from person to person. Compounded cosmeceuticals are specifically created for each individual customer. Their dosage amounts and active ingredient levels may be different for each customer. Compounded cosmeceuticals are fully customized for the person who orders them, and are created based on the individual needs and specifications of the individual. These cosmeceuticals are customized in a sterile pharmacy environment according to strict protocols and guidelines to ensure safety. Only pharmaceutical-grade components are used as well and these products can be non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic if necessary. Many people prefer compounded cosmeceuticals over pre-manufactured ones.

Media Details:
Contact Name: Harbor Compounding
Email id: Pharmacist@harborcompounding.com
Company Info: HarborCompounding
Address:2000 Harbor Blvd, Suite C-100, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: 949.642.0106

10. März 2013

Compounded Medications Can Provide Better Pain Management

More patients are using compounded medications to help them manage their pain. Compounded medications are medications that are customized by a specifically trained pharmacist in order to better meet the demands and needs of the patient. Compound medications can help patients better control their medications and what is in them. These medications may be more effective for specific patients and they are very often easier for the patient to take on a daily basis. For patients with specific medical needs or those who are required to take pain management medication for a long period of time, compound pharmacies can be a lifesaver.

What are Compound Pharmacies?

Compounding Pharmacy were the original type of pharmacy, where a trained pharmacist would customize medications according to the specific patient. Today’s pharmacies are really more like dispensaries than they are pharmacies. Most pharmacies simply hand out medications that have already been produced. This means that their medication comes in specific forms, dosage amounts and combinations, regardless of whether or not these characteristics are the best option for the patient who will be taking the medication. Compound pharmacies and Sterile Compounding create completely customized medications, which can be especially helpful for patients with special needs.

Custom Medications for Effective pain management

Dealing with severe or long term pain can be difficult for anyone. Chronic pain from problems such as arthritis, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, muscle pains and nerve damage can often be made worse because of the side effects associated with pain management medications. Not all pain medications are specifically designed for patients with special considerations or for patients who have to take a lot of pain medications. Pain medications are typically found in only a few dosage amounts, and if this dosage happens to be too high for a specific patient they may experience negative side effects as a result of over-dosage. This can include stomach pain, difficulties with digestion and mental side effects. Also, how conventional pain medications are taken by the patient may not be ideal for their specific problems. For example, some people with chronic pain also suffer from stomach lining sensitivity. Most pain medications are available in pill form and taking pain medications in pill form day and after can really harm the patient’s stomach lining. This can add to their pain and suffering.

Customized medications created by Compounding pharmacists can help eliminate some of these troubles. They will be able to create customized dosage amounts. This can help the patient find a dosage that helps to manage their pain without producing over-dosage side effects. Compound pharmacists can also create different forms of pain medications for patients who have difficulty swallowing pills. Examples of non-pill forms of pain medications can include injectable medications, liquid medications and topical medications, just to name a few. The topical forms of pain management medications can really make a considerable difference in the patient’s life. Advancements in topical medications, such as pluronic gel have made topical pain medications much more effective and they tend to have fewer negative side effects.

For many patients with specific needs, compounded pain medications can make all of the difference.

11. Februar 2013

Barton Publishing Shocks Diabetics with Report on how to Reverse Type-2 Diabetes

Astonishing reports are rolling in from folks all over using the information in this report – and they’re nothing short of miraculous. With the dangerous – even deadly side-effects of diabetes drugs in America today – this system could literally be a life-saver to the 25.8 million people suffering with diabetes and the 1.9 million others diagnosed each year. You could even have it and not know it-7 million Americans are walking around undiagnosed. No surprise that the annual cost of diabetes is around $174 billion per year in America alone.

Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death here and because of diabetic neuropathy, 65,000 lower limb amputations were performed last year alone. All this motivated Joe Barton and his relentless team to come up with a solution. They knew something needed to be done about diabetes on a massive scale. The joe barton diabetes solution kit review IS that something. It’s helped thousands, break free of the Big Pharma flim-flam and live happier and healthier than they ever thought possible-and has given them hope where there was little to be had.

And best of all, The Barton publishing diabetes kit is available right now – online – in an instant download from DiabetesReversed.com. Joe Barton, owner and president of The Diabetes Solution Kit, even guarantees that the kit will help people reverse their diabetes in 30 days or less or it’s free. And that guarantee is good for one full year from the date of purchase. If at any time within one that year you decide the kit is not at all useful to you, Joe will cheerfully refund the full purchase price for any reason – or none at all.

Thousands of customers write in or send video testimonials expressing their deepest gratitude for being able to have diabetes solution kit review. The same impressive results are reported over and over. Following the system in the report helps people of different ages and all backgrounds normalize blood sugar and live healthier lives.

One customer said said with great conviction, „If you are willing to do what they say and follow the plan, your blood sugar will come down.“

Joe Barton is committed to bringing natural, healthy and inexpensive alternative remedies to all who suffer from diabetes and other serious conditions. In keeping with his help those who want to be helped philosophy; he has worked tirelessly to put together the Barton publishing diabetes solution kit review – a one-and-only advantage in the battle against this life-threatening disease.

You may not see your ability to live your life without the insulin shots, glucose tests, and prescription oral medications until you give this powerful solution a chance to prove its worth. The Diabetes Solution Kit truly offers astounding alternatives that will surprise you in their simplicity – and his full-year guarantee ensures you have nothing to lose.

Barton Publishing has had a massive positive impact on the lives of thousands of diabetics. The Diabetes Solution Kit is not just a comprehensive, well-researched guide to reversing diabetes naturally it’s also a very real path to overall healthy living. Discover how to normalize blood sugar starting today. Visit DiabetesReversed.com before it’s too late.

About Barton Publishing:

Barton Publishing Company Company, based in Brandon South Dakota, was founded in 2003 by Joe Barton. Mr.Barton put together a team of natural health experts from various disciplines including medical doctors to help him develop and produce his natural health remedy reports; each addressing a variety of health problems, illnesses, and diseases. The reports are available online for a surprisingly tiny price for all you get. And all Reports come with his exclusive no-questions-asked, full-year money-back guarantee. Since the company was founded, it has grown to serve the globe, with over 10,000 unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers the world over.

DiabetesReversed.com is the site devoted to Barton’s remedies for diabetes, pre diabetes, and syndrome X. The site has been praised by thousands for its helpful information and useful materials in putting an end to these serious medical conditions.

Check out also for Joe Barton Diabetes

Chris Norman
Barton Publishing Digital Media
PO Box 50 Brandon SD, 57005

24. September 2012

Wenn die Vergangenheit weiterlebt

Akademie für die Göthertsche Methode GmbH

Akademie für die Göthertsche Methode GmbH

Einschneidende Erfahrungen wie z.B. Kriegserlebnisse können ein ganzes Leben prägen. Davon sind auch heute noch mehr Menschen betroffen, als man vermuten würde. So soll die Anzahl traumatisierter Bundeswehrsoldaten im vergangenen Jahr um 26 Prozent gestiegen sein, berichtet Zeit online am 19. Januar 2012. Dass die Erinnerungen an solche traumatischen Erfahrungen ein Leben lang gegenwärtig sein können, berichten Experten wie der Kasseler Altersforscher Prof. Dr. Hartmut Radebold aus ihrer Arbeit mit Menschen, die als Kinder und Jugendliche den zweiten Weltkrieg miterlebt haben. Nach seiner Erfahrung soll bei manchen Menschen allein die Erwähnung einer bestimmten Jahreszahl genügen, um sie zum Weinen zu bringen. „Solch traumatisierende Erfahrungen sind zeitlos“, erklärt er. „Das heißt, sie bleiben abgekapselt in den Individuen erhalten. Diese Erfahrungen sind also lebendig.“

Gespeichert in den Feinstoffkörpern

Warum sind manche Erinnerungen so präsent als wären sie gestern geschehen? Andere dagegen weit weg, obwohl die Erfahrung ebenso einschneidend war?

Ronald Göthert beschäftigt sich seit mehr als 20 Jahren mit der Erforschung und Anwendung der feinstofflichen Lehre und wird auf diesem Gebiet als Experte angesehen. Er hat die Hintergründe dafür erforscht, warum die Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart oft noch fortlebt. „Die Erfahrungen sind in den Feinstoffkörpern des Menschen real vorhanden“, sagt er. „Diese feinstoffliche Ebene ist von der Wissenschaft noch nicht erfasst, doch sie erklärt viele Prozesse, die uns Menschen sonst unerklärlich erscheinen.“ Auf dieser Ebene haben die zeitlos abgekapselten Erinnerungen, wie sie Prof. Dr. Hartmut Radebold beschreibt, eine konkrete, substanzielle Realität, anders als das Unbewusste. „Die Feinstoffkörper können verletzt und wieder geheilt werden – ebenso wie der physische Körper“, erklärt Ronald Göthert.

Das Unbewusste greifbar machen

Nicht nur traumatische Kriegserfahrungen, auch andere Erlebnisse wie ein Unfall, Gewalt, Missbrauch, Trennung und Tod können eine Verletzung im Feinstoffkörper verursachen, besonders, wenn sie mit einem Schock einhergehen. „Durch diese feinstoffliche Verletzung bleiben Bereiche von uns in dem Empfindungszustand der (Schock-)Situation erstarrt“, beschreibt Ronald Göthert den Vorgang. „Sie können durch das Erleben einer ähnlichen Situation wieder aktiviert werden. So ist es zu erklären, dass die Vergangenheit in der Gegenwart noch lebt.“

Auch wenn die physischen Wunden längst verheilt und Störungen der Psyche therapiert worden sind: der Schaden auf feinstofflicher Ebene bleibt meist unerkannt und unbehandelt und die Psyche reagiert sensibel darauf. Die Schmerzen des verletzten Feinstoffkörpers nehmen wir in Form von innerer Lähmung, Bedrücktheit, Depressionen und Ängsten wahr. Gefühle, die wir scheinbar nicht erklären können, weil wir ihre Quelle nicht kennen. „So lange der Feinstoffkörper nicht geheilt ist, werden diese Gefühle auch nicht verschwinden. Man gewöhnt sich lediglich an die veränderte Lebenssituation und Beeinträchtigung, die diese mit sich bringen kann.“, erklärt Ronald Göthert. „ Wenn man aber das Feinstoffliche als Realität anerkennt und wahrnimmt, hat man direkte Erklärungen für viele emotionale Störsignale, die man sonst nicht einordnen kann.“

Verletzungen im Feinstofflichen heilen

Dafür ist der spezialisierte Beruf des Feinstoffberaters entwickelt worden. Das Bemerkenswerte an der Göthertschen Methode ist, dass es nicht erforderlich ist, die Situationen detailliert emotional aufzuarbeiten. Weil die feinstofflichen Körper eine substanzielle, anfassbare Realität haben, in der die Arbeit stattfindet, lassen sich konkrete Veränderungen in kurzer Zeit vollziehen. Erinnerungen und Emotionen belasten uns danach nicht mehr unmittelbar. Die Menschen können ihr Leben wieder positiv und nach vorne ausgerichtet leben. In Kürze wird Ronald Göthert dazu das Grundwissenbuch veröffentlichen, das sich mit der „Lehre des Feinstofflichen nach der Göthertschen Methode“ beschäftigt.

Über die Lehre des Feinstofflichen

Der Mensch besteht nicht aus einem physischen Körper allein. Es gibt noch andere Körper und Ebenen, die sich zwar nicht mit den physischen Händen greifen lassen, aber dennoch untrennbar mit dem physischen Körper verbunden sind: die feinstofflichen Ebenen. Sie sind ebenso substantiell wie die physische Ebene, wie sie uns zum Beispiel in Form der Schwerkraft begegnet. Beide folgen Gesetzmäßigkeiten, die missachtet oder befolgt werden können. Beide können verletzt und geheilt werden.

Schon in der Antike wurde die feinstoffliche Qualität der Materie erforscht. Viele Menschen mit Entdeckergeist haben sich seitdem mit ihr beschäftigt, darunter auch die Schule der Stoiker, Hildegard von Bingen, Samuel Hahnemann und Rudolf Steiner.

Über die Göthertsche Methode und über die Feinstoffpraxen

Die Göthertsche Methode macht das Feinstoffliche lernbar und lehrbar. Ihr geistiger Urheber ist Ronald Göthert, der sich seit 20 Jahren der feinstofflichen Forschungsarbeit widmet. Daraus sind eine Reihe neuer Berufe entstanden, die an der Akademie für die Göthertsche Methode erlernt werden können, wie der des Feinstoffpraktikers. In 18 Feinstoffpraxen in Deutschland und Österreich unterstützen 27 Feinstoffpraktiker und Feinstoffberater Menschen darin, zu den ursprünglichen Quellen – der feinstofflichen Ordnung – zurückzufinden, damit sie ihr Leben ausgeglichen und aktiv gestalten können.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:

Bei Interesse vermitteln wir Ihnen einen Interviewkontakt zu einer bestehenden Feinstoffpraxis.
Gerne stellen wir Ihnen auch Bildmaterial zur Verfügung.

Akademie für die Göthertsche Methode GmbH
Mirjam Sterner
An der Fahrt 4, 55124 Mainz
Tel.: 06131 – 570 99 10
Mail: ausbildung@akademie-goeme.de

6. September 2012

Residenz Hotel Gießen – eine gute Adresse

Das Residenz Hotel Gießen ist ein im nördlichen Stadtzentrum Gießens gelegenes 3-Sterne-Hotel. Über die nahegelegene Autobahn A 480 einfach zu erreichen (Ausfahrt Gießener Nordkreuz) ist es der ideale Ausgangspunkt für Unternehmungen in der Region. Das 1990 erbaute Gebäude wurde im Jahre 2010 renoviert. Es ist sowohl für Kurztrips, als auch für langfristige Aufenthalte hervorragend geeignet. Das freundliche Personal des familiengeführten Hotels ist jederzeit darum bemüht, dass Sie sich in den Räumlichkeiten des Residenz Hotel Gießen wohl fühlen.

Guter Service, komfortable Zimmer, leckeres Frühstück im Residenz Hotel

Das Hotelteam kümmert sich stets um Ihr Wohlbefinden. Sollte die Rezeption des Residenz Hotel Giessen einmal nicht besetzt sein, ist ein Check-In über den Automaten am Haupteingang unkompliziert möglich. So können Sie flexibel anreisen. Bei Anreise mit dem Auto hält das Hotel kostenlose Parkplätze für Sie bereit. Die komfortabel eingerichteten Zimmer verfügen über Telefon, Schreibtisch, W-LAN, Sitzecke, Minibar, Kabel-TV, Ganzkörperspiegel, Haartrockner, Badezimmer mit Dusche. Zudem ist eine Mini-Küche vorhanden. Einen optischen Eindruck vom Residenz Hotel Giessen erhalten sie auf www.residenz-giessen.de. In Doppelzimmern ist es teilweise möglich Zustellbetten zu integrieren, sodass auch Familien sich hier wohlfühlen werden. Das Frühstück, welches als Büffet in der Cafeteria gereicht wird, lässt keine Wünsche offen. Das Personal passt sich gerne Ihren individuellen Vorstellungen an, damit sie ausgezeichnet in den Tag starten können. Das Residenz Hotel Giessen versucht alle ihre Wünsche zu erfüllen.

Die hervorragende Lage des Residenz Hotel Giessen

Nach dem Check-In haben Sie vielleicht das Bedürfnis, die Umgebung zu erkunden. Dies ist vom Residenz Hotel Gießen aus problemlos möglich. Nach etwa 700 Metern Fußweg erreichen sie das Stadtzentrum Gießens. Alternativ sind zahlreiche Anziehungspunkte der Umgebung mit der Straßenbahn zu erreichen, die in Hotelnähe hält. Wenn sie Ihre Freizeit sportlich gestalten möchten, ist dies ebenso möglich. Im Umkreis von 1,5 Kilometern um das Residenz Hotel Gießen befinden sich unter anderem ein öffentliches Schwimmbad, ein Tennisplatz, ein Bootsverleih, eine Bowlingbahn und eine Squashhalle.

Residenz Hotel Gießen
Lutz Helene
Wiesecker Weg 12
35396 35396 Giessen
0641 39 98 0

2. August 2012

Neue Schule für Physiotherapie in München

München. DIE SCHULE für Berufe mit Zukunft eröffnet einen neuen Schulstandort in München. Ab August werden erstmalig Physiotherapeuten im Schulgebäude in der Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 2 ausgebildet. Der Unternehmensverbund DIE SCHULE erweitert so sein Schulnetz und ist deutschlandweit an 27 Standorten vertreten.

In Deutschland sind laut dem Deutschen Verband für Physiotherapie e.V. 128.000 Physiotherapeuten tätig. Sie behandeln ein breites Spektrum an Störungen des Bewegungsapparats sowie Klienten im Sport- und Wellnessbereich. Diese Vielfalt an Handlungsfeldern stellt besondere Anforderungen an die Ausbildung. Mit praxisnahem und therapeutisch aktuellem Unterricht bereitet DIE SCHULE in München ihre Schüler auf den Berufseinstieg vor. Dazu arbeitet sie eng mit dem Klinikum Schwabing zusammen. Ab August beginnen 26 Schüler erstmalig ihre Physiotherapieausbildung am neuen Schulstandort in München.

Physiotherapeuten haben sehr gute Berufsaussichten, da zu den klassischen Behandlungsfeldern neue Aufgabengebiete hinzugekommen sind. Neben der Rehabilitation von Knochenbrüchen oder Bänderverletzungen sind Physiotherapeuten zunehmend im Fitness- und Wellnessbereich gefragt. Was im Hochleistungsport längst Standard ist, nehmen inzwischen auch Sportler im Amateurbereich in Anspruch: eine physiotherapeutische Beratung für ein gesundes und effektives Training. Auch Volkskrankheiten wie Rückenschmerzen oder Haltungsschäden bieten Physiotherapeuten neue berufliche Perspektiven. Präventionskurse zur rückenschonenden Haltung oder zum „richtigen“ Sitzen am Arbeitsplatz liegen im Trend.

Der Unternehmensverbund DIE SCHULE hat über 30 Jahre Erfahrung im Ausbildungsbereich der Gesundheitsbranche. Bildungspartner ist die Hochschule Fresenius, die in München zum Herbstsemester 2012 erstmalig ein vierjähriges Physiotherapiestudium (Bachelor of Science) anbietet.

Weitere Informationen gibt es auf der Homepage www.die-schule.de oder telefonisch unter (089) 2000 359 10.Physiotherapieausbildung