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25. Februar 2013

Jim Peanick Continues To Build a Reputation of Quality and Dedication

Quality home remodels and design begins with an individual who has dedicated himself to perfecting all of the techniques necessary to make your job a success. This is exactly what Jim Peanick, of JP3 Inc. embodies.

St. Louis, Missouri – JP3 Inc. has developed a reputation among its customers as being one of the most professional construction businesses in the St. Louis area. Jim Peanick has taken all of the knowledge and skill that his father and grandfather passed on to him and created one of the most successful building and remodeling companies in the greater St. Louis area.

JP3 Inc. prides itself on taking all of the skills passed down from generation to generation to provide its customers with the highest quality St Louis bathroom Remodeling and construction. Not only can they remodel your existing home to your specifications; they are also experienced home builders who can construct the home of your dreams using the highest quality materials and experienced remodeling contractor st louis.

Prior to work beginning on a new project, Jim Peanick or a member of his staff will arrive at the location of the remodel to discuss plans and the specific needs of the customer. Once they hear what the customer needs, they will make recommendations on how to proceed with the project and offer their insight into how to make those ideas work. Photos will likely be taken in addition to any measurements that are needed for the specifics of the job.

Once the information regarding the client’s specific job arrives back at the office, it is carefully evaluated and a plan is put into action. The client will likely hear from JP3 Inc. regarding an estimate and costs of materials within a few days. Once the client approves the new home building estimate for Home remodeling services, work will be scheduled to begin.

Whether it is a deck, St Louis basement finishing, custom kitchen remodeling or custom home remodeling JP3 Inc. will ensure that the work performed is of the highest quality available and that the materials used in the project are of the highest standard. Jim Peanick and his team will not be satisfied until the customer is; this is the type of dedication and quality that can be expected when a homeowner works with JP3 Inc.

JP3 Inc. is headed by Jim Peanick, whose family has been in the construction business for three generations. He values the hard work and dedication that his father and grandfather put in to developing their individual carpentry skills and applies that same dedication in his own business. He is proud that he runs a family owned Home Remodeling Contractor St. Louis and is pleased with the high quality work they are able to produce.

Jim Peanick

11. November 2010

Safety first beim Homebanking

Mobile Transaktionsnummer macht Online-Bankgeschäfte sicherer

(djd). Homebanking gehört für viele Menschen in Deutschland längst zum Alltag. Bankgeschäfte aller Art zu Hause am Rechner abzuwickeln, ohne einen Fuß vor die Tür zu setzen – das ist in Zeiten des World Wide Web einfach der bequemere Weg. Dank Verschlüsselungstechniken, passwortgeschützten Zugängen und nur einmal gültigen Transaktionsnummern (TAN) ist das Homebanking eine weitgehend sichere Sache geworden. Indizierte TAN-Listen (iTAN) haben diese Sicherheit weiter verbessert. (weiterlesen)