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26. Juni 2014

Berufskraftfahrer LKW C95 BUS D95 – Fahrschule – ADR Kurse


•              C95 Ausbildung

•              C95 Weiterbildung

•              D95 Ausbildung

•              D95 Weiterbildung


machen möchten.

Wir sind eine Fahrschule, die die genannten Aus- und Weiterbildungen anbietet. Mit uns sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite, wenn Sie den Staplerschein Wien oder den Kranschein Wien machen möchten. Die Berufskraftfahrer Weiterbildung zählt zu unseren Stärken und Sie können sicher sein, die anstehenden Prüfungen zu bestehen. Es soll gar keine Prüfung abgelegt, sondern nur eine reine Weiterbildung vorgenommen werden? Natürlich ist auch das mit uns möglich.


Leistungen in der Übersicht

Für die Berufskraftfahrer Ausbildung und die Berufskraftfahrer Weiterbildung bieten wir folgende Leistungen an:

•              C95 Ausbildung

•              C95 Weiterbildung

•              D95 Ausbildung

•              D95 Weiterbildung

•              Staplerschein Wien

•              Kranschein Wien

•              ADR-Schein
Wir freuen uns auf Sie und Ihre Ausbildung!

21. März 2013

Buy Quality Data offers a fresh solution to Dealerships and Dealership Marketing Companies

Buy Quality DataBuy Quality Data, a direct marketing company specializing in data and Direct mail marketing, recently launched their one-stop shop for dealership’s and dealership marketing companies in need of fresh clientele –Quality insurance leads.

Dardenne Prairie, MO, United States., March, 2013 – Buy Quality Data, a direct marketing company specializing in data and direct mail, recently launched their one-stop shop for dealership’s and dealership marketing companies in need of fresh automotive clientele – Buy consumer data. This resource outlet of automotive vehicle owners provides the customer name, address, year, make and model

Buy Quality Data recognized a specific need for up-to-date Marketing sales leads geared toward dealership marketing companies years ago when big-time dealer marketing company called us requesting automotive data specific to a certain radius surrounding their dealer clients. We successfully filled their order exceeding their expectations on quality, efficiency and accuracy.

Not only does our Custom mailing list appeal to dealership marketing companies but we also cater to VSC (Vehicle Service Contract) and insurance companies nationwide. Our compliant automobile data solution includes more than 203 million records and is the largest available owner database that can be used legally for marketing purposes.

Our database is updated monthly from numerous automobile transactional automotive sales leads including but not limited to; finance, insurance, warranty (VSC) and service provider data sources. The data base is NCOA’d to ensure accuracy. But we also work direct with the compiler and do our own in house grooming to achieve the highest quality possible.

For more information regarding Buy Quality Data’s Automotive Solution and other list services, visit www.BuyQualityData.com, or contact them at 800-395-5821.

30. August 2012

Daryn Weatherman Becomes No. 1 Choice for Glass Installation in the Greater Missouri Area

St. Charles, Missouri (TBD) – Daryn Weatherman has successfully expanded his St. Charles Glass and Glazing Inc. business to meet the high quality demands that many home builders in the area expect. Weatherman’s company has developed their reputation on providing their customers with the highest quality glass products in the area.

In 1995, Daryn Weatherman noticed that there was a void in quality glass production in Missouri; he took it upon himself to create a company that focused on providing customers with high quality glass at a reasonable price. In the beginning he worked with a small crew and the services he offered were limited. But he stuck with it and is now one of the leading glass suppliers in the St. Charles area.

His company, St. Louis Glass and Glazing Inc. has become the first stop for many home remodelers and home builders located in the state. He is now proud to offer his customers custom glass, shelving, and closet organization systems that are installed by his knowledgeable and experienced employees. A representative from St. Louis Glass and Glazing Inc. will meet with homeowners to discuss and assist their glass needs. Daryn Weatherman has constructed a team of experienced professionals who continue to impress customers with the knowledge and skill. They will ensure that any project you are working on is completed to the highest standard possible.

In addition to becoming the first choice for homeowners and builders in the area, Daryn Weatherman st charles glass is fast becoming a reputable source for auto glass as well. Employees of St. Charles Glass and Glazing Inc. will travel to their customer’s location, where they will then professionally install and replace auto glass in a professional and timely manner.

The business that Daryn Weatherman created in 1995 has flourished to become one of the leading sources for commercial and residential glass in the state of Missouri. St. Louis Glass and Glazing has become the favored choice among homeowners and builders in the greater St. Louis area. They have the skill and experience to make every project shine.

About St. Charles Glass and Glazing Inc.:

Daryn Weatherman, a St. Charles County resident, founded St. Charles Glass and Glazing over 15 years ago. Through hard work and determination, Weatherman has built his staff from 4 workers to 114 employees. Included in the company’s work force are members of the Glazers Union Local 513. Also working for the company is a shelving specialist registered with the district carpenters union.

St. Charles Glass and Glazing specializes in all types of glass and glazing projects, including automotive glass, shower enclosures, mirrors, glass tabletops, replacement residential glass, and wire shelving. The company has quickly become successful and gained a reputation as a business built on timeliness and professionalism.